Why Passive Candidates should take a Recruiter’s Call?


If you’re a recruiter then you are probably aware of the drawbacks of the profession. As for gathering candidates, you are well aware of the situation and you know exactly what I’m talking about. When it comes to candidates than you really need to rethink the way you approach recruiters in conversations. If you think that this doesn’t apply to candidates let me give you reasons that will definitely change the way you converse with recruiters on the whole. Therefore, let’s answer the question that has got all of us thinking, “Why Passive Candidates should take a Recruiter’s Call”. Gather information [...]

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What is the preferred Image size for Popular Social Media Sites?


With Recruitment going online it’s obvious that your online presence is essential for branding. When it comes to online branding it is obvious that the look of your online presence is absolutely essential. Part of that online presence is the images you upload. Naturally, the question is what is the preferred image size for popular social media sites that we use generally? In an attempt to assist a company’s employer branding efforts and in turn boost the number of applicants received to simplify Recruiters and Sourcers tasks, here is a list of image sizes as per channel usage. For Facebook Users [...]

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What is a Performance Based Job Description and Interview?


The availability of the internet has not only given us easy access to huge pools of talent but also simplified a Recruiters or Sourcers task to a great extent. With a huge database of members available to us through Social Media, it becomes essential to create effective job descriptions and Interviews. In order to attract the right candidates, one need’s to have solid job specs and interviews, which aren’t easy to come by. Therefore implementing performance-based job descriptions and interviews in your recruiting and sourcing strategy is a must. But the real question that needs answering is what is a performance-based [...]

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Tips to Create Perfect Posts on Instagram


The popular Social media has just been stepped up to a whole new level and now has become the common platform for most recruiters and sourcers alike. Therefore it is essential for potential candidates to have profiles that are up to date and are active as well. So if you want to create an activity with pics then the app Instagram would be the best choice for all your image needs. In view of the present needs here are some, “Tips to Create Perfect Posts on Instagram.” Editing Images When you have selected the image that you’d like to display but only [...]

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Recruitment and the Problems with Secrecy in Agencies


Anyone who has been in the recruitment industry for quite some time will agree to the fact that there have always been problems with Secrecy in Recruitment. As you probably know, there are several recruitment agencies that are present and the chances of similar clients are bound to be repeated. Simply because job seekers give their résumés to more than one agency, apart from applying individually to job specs and companies as well. So let’s look at some more aspects as to why, professionals in the field have a tough time. Therefore, here’s something that you might be interested in and [...]

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Proactive V.S. Reactive Recruiting


Most Recruiting Professionals at an organisation usually have their own techniques and strategies of sourcing talent. The commonly used ones are Proactive and Reactive Recruiting, but most corporates generally implement the Reactive recruiting method as against a Proactive approach. Why is that so? Is a question that most Recruiters and organisations need to ask, especially when a Proactive approach is clearly the preferred choice. It’s time we found out why Proactive Recruiting is preferable against Reactive Recruiting. You might have come across our previous post on what is Reactive and Proactive Recruiting? If not then here’s a recap, “Proactive Recruiting is [...]

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How to Conduct Predictive Hiring?


A Recruiters or Sourcers task isn’t simple even with Social Media or Mobile recruiting for that matter. Although Social Media and Mobile Recruiting have simplified their tasks, as compared to traditional methods, it still isn’t easy. They still have to figure out and short list selected candidates with the necessary skills. With that being said, one is forced to look for simpler methods and wonder if there is one. Well you can stop your search for a simpler method as there is one.  In order to ensure that the hire you’ve made is the right one you can make use of [...]

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Benefits of having Complete and Updated Online Profiles


Gone are the days when people got employed via traditional recruiting methods. The current trend that is followed in the Recruitment field requires one to have an updated profile at all times, if one wishes to reap the benefits of the same. Having an Online profile enables personal branding that speeds up the process of landing a job; it’s just an example of the various benefits of having complete and updated online profiles. Members count Based on which channel you have an account with, makes a big difference. For instance LinkedIn has a user base of over 225 members and there’s [...]

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Difference between Passive and Modern Headhunting


The recruitment field has evolved and is at a whole new level when it comes to satisfying a company’s recruitment needs. Although there are several techniques and strategies that recruiters use to scout candidates with the necessary qualifications and skill sets. One such technique is Head hunting. For those of you who aren’t aware of what headhunting is, it is essential that you have a clear understanding of the term. So before we go in to the nitty – gritty of things and address the main question, “Difference between Passive and Modern Headhunting” Here is a brief understanding of the terminology. The obvious [...]

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A Guide to Visuals for Social Media


With everything going online, companies are competing with each other on another level. Considering the latest trends in recruiting due to social media, ones branding efforts too will be done accordingly. If branding is done using online channels, it is important to know how visuals need to be created for Social Media, especially since it is going to have a lasting effect on your audience. In an attempt at assisting individuals here is a guide to visuals for social media that you might not be utilising in your branding efforts. Importance of visual content If you’re of the opinion that you’re [...]

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