7 Emerging Trends To Look Out For In The Recruitment Industry!


Trends in recruiting change throughout time. Companies, HR recruiters, and candidates' expectations are all changing; therefore it's critical to adjust as quickly as feasible. The object of the game is to see which recruiter can respond quickly and secure the best prospect for their firm. Traditional recruitment methods are becoming obsolete, and recruiters are experimenting with new hiring trends ranging from chatbots to AI. The possibilities are unlimited. The recruiters are worn out from dealing with so much paperwork especially resumes. The future of recruitment appears to be bright and smooth. And the upcoming trends will aid recruiters in making a [...]

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What is Proactive and Reactive Recruiting?


Just like any other profession has certain strategies and techniques that can assist their tasks, so also the Recruiting field too has certain techniques and strategies that can boost you recruiting procedure on the whole. With that being said, one is bound to wonder what these methods and techniques might be. In view of this there are two techniques that most Recruiting professionals utilise namely Proactive and Reactive Recruiting. But the question that comes to the fore is what is Proactive and Reactive Recruiting? So let’s begin with the basic understanding of the two. What is Proactive and Reactive Recruiting? When [...]

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The How to guide to developing performance based objectives


As a Recruiter one of the many responsibilities you have are creating or developing Performance based Interviews and Job descriptions. To create either you need to have performance based objectives. Having Performance based objectives gives you clarity of thought about the position and all aspects related. Anything related to performance based objectives, interviews or job descriptions you create or develop have one thing in common. They are all designed as tools that you can use to screen whether an applicant is the right fit for your organisation. We’ve heard so much about performance based interviews and job descriptions but are you [...]

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The 4 A’s that make up a Great Recruiter


Every field requires a recruiter, that too a qualified one at that. Stating the obvious, the recruiting field is no exception. Recruiting forms the base of the organisation as the quality of your employs is what makes or breaks an organisation. So it is essential that an organisation have not just any recruiter but a great one, so that they staff comprises of exceptional individuals that can help build the company. I bet you’re wondering, what “The 4 A’s that make up a Great Recruiter?” To satisfy your curiosity here they are: Analyse your Selection Recruiters need to possess the analytical [...]

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The Art of Hiring


Like every other field out there even the recruitment field requires some amount of creativity and art. Because let’s face it even hiring is an Art. And it’s obvious that those with the art of hiring are bound to have an effect on the business altogether. Hiring like most of you are aware, considering that you have been in the field for quite some time, is an art. If not then here’s something for you to consider and implement in your recruiting strategy, if you haven’t already. It is essential to recognise the need early In order to recognise the need [...]

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Sourcing vs Recruiting – Is there any difference?


There has been a long standing debate on whether there is any “Difference between Sourcing and Recruiting”. People belonging to either of these categories or titles such as Recruitment, Recruitment Group, Talent Acquisition, Talent Acquisition Group, Executive Recruiters, Recruiter, Corporate Recruiters, Internet Recruiters, Sourcing Specialists, Talent Acquisition Specialist, etc. might have a similar confusion due to the ambiguity of the term usage. This ambiguity is because of recent developments in the Recruitment Industry. I’m sure that even individuals in the industry have confused the terms. The confusion lies in the terms being loosely used when conversing with individuals within or outside [...]

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Some Innovative Recruiting Strategies Recruiters ought to try out!


Time tracking provides necessary information on efficiency, productivity, and the number of resources consumed against the amount of time spent. Companies and individuals have come to realize the key to achieving their goals. This key is tied closely to how best they can manage one of the most limiting resources – time. This realization is a fact, and the achievements of businesses and organizations that have the best applications that help them in managing time have proofed this. Wasted time is money lost, or in other words, time is money. Hence we have work hours tracker as our saviour. [...]

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Should you use WhatsApp Chat for Recruiting purposes?


Wait, before you go and reject the thought completely, take a minute and humour me if you will. Aren’t we glued to WhatsApp 24X7 a widely used App. That’s because it’s convenient, simple, effective and brilliant at what it does best. It helps keep in touch with colleagues, friends and family on the go, amazing isn’t it? We use it but yet we fail to realise its potential in our Recruiting strategy. Hence the question should you use WhatsApp Chat for Recruiting purposes? If you haven’t already incorporated it in to your Recruiting Strategy then here are a few reasons to [...]

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Reasons to Conduct a Recruitment Audit!


Most businesses are aware with the concept of an audit, particularly when it comes to financial matters. An audit of your human resources policies and practices, on the other hand, could be just as beneficial. Hiring Audit services will not only assist you in assessing the crucial components for ensuring a financially secure future, but it will also provide insight into the qualitative features that influence your company's culture. Here are some benefits of auditing the human resource department- A recruitment audit ensures that critical HR regulations are followed- It's vital to stay up to date on the newest [...]

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5 Secrets to Recruiting Questions and what to look for in Candidate answers


Spotting the right fit is like finding a needle in a haystack. You can search all you want but without the right tools and techniques you are likely to lose out on hard to catch talent. Just like every position has certain skills and techniques that are required so also is the same with hiring. If finding the right fit is difficult then these 5 secrets to recruiting questions and what to look for in candidate answers can help you. Goal oriented and result driven candidates If you’re looking for a candidate who is goal oriented and result driven [...]

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