Every field requires a recruiter, that too a qualified one at that. Stating the obvious, the recruiting field is no exception. Recruiting forms the base of the organisation as the quality of your employs is what makes or breaks an organisation. So it is essential that an organisation have not just any recruiter but a great one, so that they staff comprises of exceptional individuals that can help build the company.

I bet you’re wondering, what “The 4 A’s that make up a Great Recruiter?” To satisfy your curiosity here they are:

Analyse your Selection

Recruiters need to possess the analytical ability because recruiting is all about capturing the right candidate for the job. The way one does this is by analysing all the information they gather about the candidate before and after they have personally met him / her, to find out if they are perfect for the job.

Adapt to your Surroundings

What good is a recruiter, if they possess the analytical ability alone and can’t adapt. Well these two A’s go hand in hand, if at all. A recruiter needs to be able to adapt on the fly, if they want to hire the perfect candidate for the job. A recruiter has to adapt on the fly as they constantly need to keep upgrading their knowledge of recruiting techniques to cater to the changing times.


Since recruiters need to adapt on the fly, it is a given that you need to be quick not only on your feet but you’re thinking as well. Besides if one wants to adapt they also need to be agile in whatever they do, think and act. The job profile demands you to be on the move and is a big part of the entire recruiting process.


When hiring candidates, not only do you have to be and express authenticity but you need to choose candidates who are passionate, have an interest and have a purpose. These are the individuals that you should definitely hire. But remember that candidates can identify immediately if a recruiter isn’t genuine and that too from a mile away, so it is absolutely essential that you too are genuine, especially if you’re interviewing a candidate who possesses this quality.

Well LinkedIn’s CEO has got this right, so what are you waiting for, go ahead and implement what professionals in the Recruiting field are prescribing and watch your organisation grow and prosper as a result of hiring a great Recruiter.  So now you also know how a Recruiter should be and the qualities that can make a difference to the future growth of your organisation on the whole.