Wait, before you go and reject the thought completely, take a minute and humour me if you will.

Aren’t we glued to WhatsApp 24X7 a widely used App. That’s because it’s convenient, simple, effective and brilliant at what it does best. It helps keep in touch with colleagues, friends and family on the go, amazing isn’t it?

We use it but yet we fail to realise its potential in our Recruiting strategy. Hence the question should you use WhatsApp Chat for Recruiting purposes? If you haven’t already incorporated it in to your Recruiting Strategy then here are a few reasons to use WhatsApp Chat as a Recruiting tool.

Create a network of Recruiters

You can connect with Recruiters from different parts of the world which helps you to build a stronger network of Recruiters. Such a network simplifies the talent hunt you require if your company is based in different parts and even helps you meet the deadlines.

Connect with Talents

The hunt to spot talent just got simpler and the waiting just seems worthwhile, I mean instant replies. You can just drop a message and we all know how addictive these push notifications get which almost 99% of the time will definitely get answered.

Solution to Recruiting Problems

Fed up of calling constantly

Instead of constantly calling people knowing that they generally don’t pick up calls from unknown numbers and even more so if it’s from a foreign country. Using WhatsApp makes connecting with talent easy thus speeding up the response rate received.

Wondering whether the number belongs to the prospective candidate

Evidently you can even verify if the number still belongs to the candidate you’re connecting with. It enables you to view details of the person you’re trying to make a connection with including their identity. This helps you decide whether you should reply to the message or skip it altogether.

Frustrated with waiting for a response

With WhatsApp you can even check if your message has been viewed or overlooked, which helps you find out if the candidate is interested in the opportunity you have to offer. This makes filtering interested candidates easy.

Want to get maximum views to your Job Specs

With this messaging app; not only can you send messages, but also images & videos to potential candidates. Well your Recruiting strategy just went up a notch so you can now send job specs in different file formats which improves’ the candidates experience altogether.


Interested in knowing how to update an ATS

If you’re using the companies ATS and you’re wondering whether you can update the ATS with the conversation you had with a potential candidate. Well that too is simple, because it is easy to update it. All you need to do is copy and paste the conversation details and voila you ATS is updated within minutes.

Are these reasons enough to use WhatsApp Chat for Recruiting purposes and avoid following conventional ways of Recruiting. If you’re convinced then be sure to implement WhatsApp Chat in your Recruiting Strategy. And watch your hiring rates met.