Gone are the days when people got employed via traditional recruiting methods. The current trend that is followed in the Recruitment field requires one to have an updated profile at all times, if one wishes to reap the benefits of the same. Having an Online profile enables personal branding that speeds up the process of landing a job; it’s just an example of the various benefits of having complete and updated online profiles.

Members count

Based on which channel you have an account with, makes a big difference. For instance LinkedIn has a user base of over 225 members and there’s always someone viewing your profile. An incomplete profile is likely to be overlooked as the profile isn’t updated. Such individuals tend to miss out on opportunities that present its-self due to inadequate information.

Google listing

If you have an account on popular social media channels such as Facebook, whenever your name is entered into the google search bar your Facebook profile is sure to come within the first page in the first few results. Therefore if your name is within the first few results than you’ll receive about 50% of the clicks so you are bound to be viewed.

People are researching you

No matter how you look at it, if you’re present on any of the popular social media channels you are going to be researched. This is because people are using various channels to search for individuals they’d like to connect with for various reasons such as to seek out candidates that meet their recruitment needs or to get in touch with an old friend you’d like to connect with.

Build Relations

It’s the perfect platform to connect with job seekers and recruiters alike, to land with a job or create a database of candidates that you can rely on for your recruitment needs. Or simply to create a customised ATS or Search Engines to get the right candidates faster and boost your hiring rate. Getting noticed is probably the first and most important aspect of attaining employment.

Personal Branding

It’s all about personal branding; having an updated profile opens doors to opportunities that you’d never have otherwise encountered or access. Most firms utilise social media channels to full fill all their recruitment needs because it’s a cost effective and efficient. In such a scenario getting employed comes down to personal branding and nothing else.

These are in fact some of the most important reasons, as to why one needs to have an updated profile at all times. Besides recruiters are always looking for candidates that meet their requirements and seek out updated candidate profiles more in comparison to incomplete ones. So, if you wish to be selected and noticed keep your online profile trendy and complete and also participate in discussion forums and be engaged and updated with the latest happenings. If you wold like to add to this list, be sure to leave a comment and we’ll include them in our next post.