A Recruiters or Sourcers task isn’t simple even with Social Media or Mobile recruiting for that matter. Although Social Media and Mobile Recruiting have simplified their tasks, as compared to traditional methods, it still isn’t easy. They still have to figure out and short list selected candidates with the necessary skills. With that being said, one is forced to look for simpler methods and wonder if there is one.

Well you can stop your search for a simpler method as there is one.  In order to ensure that the hire you’ve made is the right one you can make use of Predictive hiring methods. But first, let’s find out what is meant by predictive hiring, to be able to utilise it effectively.

What is meant by Predictive Hiring?

Hiring if done on the bases of a data – driven prediction is Predictive hiring. Put simply predictive hiring is basically hiring done based on data received from a thorough analysis of the information gathered about candidates through different sources. Well now that we are clear about what Predictive Hiring is, we can then move onto the how predictive hiring is done?

Identifying the how’s of predictive hiring

To conduct a predictive hiring you need certain tools and techniques, if you wish to succeed in your attempt at hiring talented candidates.

Identify relevant areas

Pick areas that enable predictive hiring.  For instance you can look up details of people in important roles using the present sources like Social Media. Once you’ve identified them instead of sourcing candidates collectively in a group, search them individually. You can also form hypotheses for why some hires do better than others.

Collect data to test your hypotheses

Using Social media you can collect data of candidates and test the formulated hypotheses with the data acquired. Once you’ve collected the data and tested it you then need to merge it with all the other data you have. After that you can then use all the data gathered to compare the high performance of past hires.

Use statistical Analysis

The data that you’ve gathered so far needs to be put in to statistical analysis and find out the reasons as to why some hires perform better as compared to other hires. You can also do more multivariate analysis to arrive at conclusions that will work.

Implement the findings for future recruiting Procedures

Based on the analysis you receive, you can then use it in recruiting, hiring and on – boarding procedures.  You can do this by developing modules that can predict the hiring quality with the help of employee roles, create optimal hiring profiles or dashboards that can track effectiveness of hiring sources by business, region or employee roles.

If all of these aspects are conducted properly keeping in mind all of the mentioned pointers, you are bound to have a predictive hiring procedure that works effectively. In the meantime remember to, “Equip yourself with as much data as you can, then acknowledge that the hiring decision will still be subjective.”  – Dan Jessup. Let us know if you are using Predictive hiring when filling empty spots that keep cropping up?