You’ve heard this once, you’ve heard this a thousand times but are you wondering why, well that’s not the first, I’ve heard of. Most individuals share this same thought, isn’t that a relief. You’re not the only one. Besides you can never have enough of information that will come handy.
In an age when internet is used in almost every aspect of life, it’s only natural that recruiting too will be done via social networking sites. If you are of the opinion that you have a better chance of getting employed with the traditional method then you are mistaken. Although it is effective it isn’t as effective as social media.
Therefore here are some “Ways to Build an Online Presence” that will help you achieve results faster. So let’s begin with the basics and then explore other ways in the process. In view of this, one question comes to the fore… any guesses, yet?

What is meant by an Online Presence?

An online presence is defined as the sum of all the identities you’ve created (either personal or business driven) and the interaction these identities have established and participated in collectively online.  This online presence is one with a broad reach and if it is built successfully it assists you in spreading your brand awareness, helps gain fans, followers, leads, customers, clients and anything else that your business requires to step up its performance. After this the obvious question is….

How to Build an Online Presence

Are you confused or are having a tough time on setting up your online presence? Are you troubled and are actually having a difficult time in deciding where and how to begin? Well it will be a relief to know that you are not the only one out there.  Lots of people and new entrepreneurs are troubled by the same questions as you.  And why not, there’s a lot that goes in to building ones online presence and that is to a great extent dependent on what you’d like to achieve with an online presence. To give you a boost, here’s something that you might want to decide first…

  • Figure out what your goals are
  • Know how to build your website
  • Decide where you’d want to create an online presence
  • Ensure that it is the right social media platform
  • Create different profiles and accounts
  • Find out the best ways to maximise your interactions to keep the audience engaged
  • Monitor all the activity on various platforms of your online presence

And lots more to do, now doesn’t this sound overwhelming? So let’s ease the process a little bit. So let’s begin in the same order as mentioned earlier.

Create and form Strategies

When we talk about developing strategies we mean streamlining and creating goals that are clearly stated and easily understood by all the people in question. Ensure that you have both short – term and long – term goals, most importantly be sure to form realistic goals else you’ll be running a goose chase and wondering what is actually going wrong. Now, you don’t want that do you?

Track and Trace you’re Progress

Make sure you jot these goals down and refer to them on regular bases and ensure that you are using the right tools to monitor the progress. If you aren’t aware already then, let me tell you. There are several monitoring tools that are available online to analyse the progress of your appearance on various social media channels.

Have a Solid Platform Base

I bet you’re wondering, what we are talking about when we mention a solid platform base. Put simply, the website should be engaging and the design should be up to the current standard if you are to attract any kind of attention towards your website. Besides make sure that the information given is up dated timely. Nobody wants outdated information that can do no one any good, you can be sure of that.
However these are but only a few pointers that have been discussed there are lots more that need to be considered before you build an online presence, so to know more about them stay tuned and we’ll be introducing some more that we have realised. If you have thought of any then you be sure to let us know by mentioning them in the comments sections and we’ll be happy to add them to our list in our next post.