Most Recruiters are of the opinion that this isn’t helpful to them in any way. Thus they dismiss the information as a useless effort. But before you pass your judgement and reject it totally it would be wise to take a minute to pay attention to what I’ve got to say.

Here’s something to help you remember why? “Never judge a book by its cover.” Therefore think again, else you’ll lose out on information that might be the key to unlocking all your Recruiting problems. So here are, “Top 5 Recruiting Interview Strategies

Rapport building Exercise

Rapport building should be done at the beginning but if you think it isn’t important then you’re mistaken. This is important because it is the first step to landing a Candidate as an employee at your organisation. During an interview it is preferable to ask the candidate how they conduct their tasks instead of trying to recreate it based on the information they give you. This is a preferred way, especially in a fast paced environment.

Limit the pace and prompting of questions

Instead of questioning or prompting a question in a different way it is preferable to ask limited but open ended questions that get you the desired answers? This will reduce the possibility of it becoming a question and answer session. So if you’re trying to scout a good sales Candidate than ask them a simple question such as, “Sell me this pen” and watch their performance. This will give you insights into their personality and thinking patterns.

Factor for Long Term Business Sales and Goals

If you’re recruiting for sales you should definitely take into consideration the Candidates long term goals or plans. The best way to do this is by asking them a question like, “What skills a Candidate would have liked to develop in 5 years’ time” instead of “where you see yourself in 5 years”. The answer you receive will help you determine if the candidate is the right match for the job.

Ask Questions that display the company culture and skills required

When creating questions it is essential that you check all the aspects of the Candidate’s personality. The questions can be categorised in to driven, initiative and impact or aspirations. Hence questions like, “describe how exactly, you accomplished a recent goal?” and “what are your expectations of working with us?” fall in the driven category. Asking questions, like, “can you give some examples of where you’ve gone that extra mile?” or “describe one incident where you’ve had to think on your feet?” comes under the initiative category. And “how far do you think you can go in your career and why?” or what can you contribute to our business?” these fall in the aspirations group.

Think about sales specific challenges of the business

Before you interview potential Candidates you need to think about the sales challenges that you are likely to face. Once you’ve done that, you can cross question the Candidate and also check how well they perform under pressure. So make a list of possible scenarios that the Candidate will face. The answers that you get will tell you if the Candidate is the right match.

So now that you have read all the views do you still have the same thoughts that you had earlier? If the answer is no, don’t you think that you ought not to dismiss someone’s perspectives until you’ve heard everything they’ve got to say? Well next time, I’m sure you’ll think twice before rejecting someone’s perspective and follow through with what they have to point out besides there’s always room for improvement with a Talent Sourcing Training Program.