Building an online presence seems to be a daunting task yet sounds fairly simple, but is it really? That is why we’ve decided to minimise the complications that arise where creating an online presence is concerned.  Besides let’s face it, it isn’t as easy as people make it out to be and especially creating one that can drastically change the business’ profits and progress. But can you honestly say that you thoroughly understand the importance of building an online presence? I think not.

But before we get to the main topic, it is essential for one to build an online presence because that is how people are allowed to find you, interact with you and are able to get to know, like and trust you. Besides if you know where to begin and how to start; creating an online presence will not be so time consuming and is hence less frustrating. With a view to minimise the work that it involves here are some, “Steps to Improve Online Presence and Reputation” that you might find quite handy in creating an outstanding online presence to build a positive reputation.

Be optimistic

Don’t be a perfectionist, because no matter what you do and the number of improvements you keep making to your profile and other aspects, is never going to be alright. Simply because you will always find new improvements you’d like to add in the profile. To be quite honest it’s to some extent waste of precious time. You know that and I do too, that it is never going to be perfect. Besides the longer you take to get things done the further you will be delaying tasks that are dependent on each other.

Focus on the Content Displayed

One important factor that will determine the progress of your profile is the language used. An individual viewing your profile will understand a lot with just a glance at the information displayed. So if the language used doesn’t appeal to your audience but rather is a put off you will not attract crowd to your profile which automatically affects your chances of getting noticed. Therefore no matter which form your content takes i.e. a blog, a podcast, videos or books make sure that it is consistent and valuable.

Build Connections

An important aspect that most candidates tend to miss out on when it comes to being seen online is building connections. If you’re wondering how or are trying to build your online presence, is of course, by being seen. The best way to do this is to be part of things that interest you –

  • Joining groups that interest you or the current job profile, if required creating groups
  • Posting blogs on the bases of your interest or job profile and ask questions
  • Participating in group forums
  • Participating in Polls
  • Use the Comments section and add a question with your post’s
  • Reply back to the comments or posts

Remember to Monitor the Activity

If one is to know and analyse the progress of the activity on social media sites one needs to use monitoring tools that are freely available and designed for the same purpose. The internet is not only great for gathering information and creating an online presence but also to find tools that are cost effective and handy in monitoring all your social accounts that you may have.

Therefore make sure you focus on these aspects as well if you wish to get noticed and land a job if you’re a seeker. As for a recruiter you too might find these steps quite handy and will definitely help you fill positions that are vacant at a faster pace.