The Recruiting field has been around for quite some time, it has evolved and is constantly developing in order to accommodate the changing times. As a result of this even recruiters have to adapt to these changing times if they wish to improve their performance.

If you’re a recruiter seeking to improve the quality of the hires, and have exhausted all your resources then you might find the “Secrets to Hiring Great People” quite informative as this will give you insights into making good recruitment decisions. So let’s find out more about these insights that can boost the quality of hires altogether.

Mention the Exact Criteria

Before you go looking for potential candidates, it is preferable that you are clear on the criteria of the job profile. You also need to address the more important questions such as…

  • What specifically needs to be done and by when? This question isn’t about filling a slot, but rather to move the business agenda forward.
  • If you are measuring success, how is it going to be quantified? It helps you to check if you have the necessary information to analyse and decide if you are a top performer.
  • Why would the best person want this job? This will help you think from a candidate’s perspective and help you decide why the best candidate should pick you.
  • What are the common attributes of top performers? This will give you an idea as to what skills to look for in a candidate if you want a top performer. Is this simple enough to understand?

Have a Compelling Recruitment Plan

The recruitment plan you develop should comprise of a specific job description along with the initial interview questions that you’d like answered. The job description should comprise of the points discussed.

Job Title

The title should be either a Functional Title, such as “Java Engineer” or else a creative title like “Java Engineer who loves developing gaming software.” A creative title helps one to focus on the person you are searching for rather than just addressing the skill.

Job Description

When writing a job description rather than writing it in a dull and boring manner; you might want to try writing it as a personal note to the candidate. This will help improve the quality of the language and boost the candidate’s responses to that particular job spec.

Keyword Selections

Make sure that you use words that are commonly and frequently used by the professionals in your field and the terminology that is used loosely. So make sure you keep an eye out for the common terms used.

Questions Preparation

When preparing questions make sure that they are open ended and are specific as and when required. This will ensure that you get the answers that you’re looking for as the candidates will be able to understand it better. You can ask questions like…

  • Walk me through your latest Java project development
  • How did the team manage the differences in the programming approach?
  • Why did you choose to specialise in Java as against some other language?

 Get Others Involved

Once you have a sample of the Job description as well as the interview questions, you then need to get your top performers to evaluate both aspects if they are from the similar job description. As they might think of points that you haven’t thought about or aren’t familiar with.

These are but a few of the points that you need to keep in mind and stay tuned for more “Secrets to Hiring Great People.” And if you have any comments then you can mention them in the comments section.