The current trend in the recruiting industry is Social Media recruiting and if recruiters are to be up to date with the latest happenings in the industry one needs to have the right analytics to monitor the activity on popular sites like Twitter etc.

If you’re a Recruiter or Sourcer you need to be updated with the current Sourcing News & Knowledge and to have the right Analytic tools for Twitter to monitor your activity and engagement. Having the right Analytic tools for Twitter is essential so that you get the insights that you wish to gather in order to make any modifications if required and to boost the branding of the company. In the light of this here is one that might be helpful and that just might be what you’re looking for that suits your needs, “Must have Twitter Analytic Tools for Employer Branding.”


If you’re looking to connect with influencers it is essential that you use Twtrland. It is a handy tool to identify influencers and to drill down on profiles. Moreover the information that is collected can be categorised in to 60,000 categories which simplifies your task by helping you to add more filters to further filter the information. It provides the user with an overall view of a profile. Some other analytics that it gives you are –

  • The number of retweets and replies that you get per 100 tweets
  • Tweet distribution – this feature gives you an idea about whether the account is just sending all links, replies, retweets etc.
  • Famous Words – this feature highlights the tweets that got the most retweets
  • You get detailed inputs about the followers including the followers by country, for starters
  • The insights you get include the ones that you as a user are connected with
  • It also helps you to view profiles that are similar to your interests

Simply Measured

Simply Measured is an analytic tool but they also have other features that you can use to your advantage as it gives you a range of free reports for Twitter, Facebook etc.  These reports are laid out in nice graphics which can be exportable to Excel or PowerPoint. These insights assist you in further analysis on the content and if you wish to present your findings, it makes the task fairly simple. The reports displayed gives you insights into aspects like –

  • The top keywords that users commonly use in their profile descriptions
  • The top time zones of your followers
  • The chats by the number of followers i.e. the ones with the most or highest number of followers
  • Based on the last tweets you get the number of followers by date
  • The number of users based on the followers
  • Users by the total number of tweets


If you’re looking for analytics on what topics you’re competitors are talking about. Then Foller.Me is the perfect Twitter tool. Apart from this it even has other useful features that you can avail the benefit of.

  • You get overall information about the profile that you are interested in
  • It helps you identify the topics that your competitors are talking about
  • Gives you insights into the popular hashtags that users use
  • It gives you a list of the profiles that the user interacts with and by clicking on each profile you get their details.
  • Here to you get the analysis for the last 100 tweets

All of these Analytics tools have been specifically designed to assist Recruiters, Sourcers and Companies to monitor all the activity on Social Media including their individual activity. All this is done in order to simplify the task of monitoring and to ensure that you’re up to date with the current Talent Sourcing trends you need to add to your knowledge with a Recruitment Certification Program. So there you have a few names that you can analysis and check if it suits your needs.