Does Sourcing bring you down? Are you frustrated that suitable candidates are scarce? Are your efforts yielding, little to no results?

Well your story is one I’ve heard plenty of times so I’m going to give you the same advice I’ve given to so many others before you. Hence here are some, “More Out of the Box Souring Tips” that I think may be useful to you.

Profiles without keywords

Surprised? Well it’s surprising if you haven’t already thought about this as yet. But don’t fret, just yet. You’re not the only one, there are others like you. Sourcer’s generally won’t come across these individuals if they rely solely on keyword searches. These individuals are probably hard to find candidates that you’re searching for continuously. You are also hoping that these applicants walk in so you can make a successful hire therefore it’s probably a good idea to look for profiles without keywords.

Send InMails

Many sourcers’ have sent InMails to candidates that have recently joined other companies. If you enquire why the person didn’t want to work with their previous company or with your company would be useful. It is also important to keep the messages brief and to also congratulate them on their new job. These inputs would definitely give you insights into the various reasons as to why they’ve decided to opt out of working with such organisations so you know what the current scenario is.

Use Flickr and Pinterest

Just wait, don’t dismiss this without at least considering these options to boost your Sourcing needs. Here’s why you should use both Flickr and Pinterest, these sites can be used to source candidates with certifications as users generally choose to share visuals of their achievements. This helps sourcer’s to verify the full name of the candidate as it will definitely be written in their certifications. Therefore these sites will be very useful if you are seeking individuals with certain certifications.

Know which pages to start with in the search results

Well while every person searches within the first two page search results you would probably do better if you searched on the last two pages as these are candidates that aren’t taken into consideration when Sourcing Candidates so you are bound to stumble upon Candidates of calibre and also get a positive response too.

Get Feedback of recent hires on InMails

I know this sounds silly, but to be honest it isn’t, simply because these individuals are the ones who can best advice you on the effectiveness of your InMail efforts. If you’re wondering why that is the case it’s fairly simple. Since, these are individuals who are recent joiners that can very well give you information about whether the InMails have an effect. Some of them just might have come across or responded to these InMails and landed with their current job. Doesn’t seem that silly now, does it?

So before you follow the same Sourcing techniques to catch Talented Individuals, be sure to try these simple and easy to use methods. Besides a little exploring never hurts, in the long run you just might find a suitable Candidate in the process, better yet more individuals with the calibre you’re ceaselessly searching for on a larger scale. So let’s give these methods a try and who knows you just might have found a great technique which improves your performance altogether otherwise you can enrol for a Recruitment Certification Program.