Ever wondered what the Recruiting trends and Developments are going to be like for 2015? If you’re not aware of these changes by now then you’re not going to be prepared for what follows either.Recruiters are bound to face some issues and problems in 2015 and if some of them persist then they are bound to remain a problem in 2016 as well.

In an attempt to keep you posted on the latest Sourcing News & Knowledge of developments and to help you prepare for the same, here are some interesting Insights into Recruitment Trends and Developments that I’ve come across.

Shortage of Top Talent

The recruiting industry is constantly evolving to meet with the changing times and there will be a growing shortage of Top talent in the market. As a recruiter this may pose a problem, so don’t be surprised if you have difficulty discovering talented candidates. In such a scenario it is better to have a plan B if all your attempts fail, which will most likely occur.

Large firms will be competing with start – ups for candidates

Due to the shortage of Top Talent in the market both large and start – up firms will be competing for talented individuals as they both have similar objectives. However don’t be surprised if your candidates are poached by your competitors. To tackle this new development you need to prepare a plan that increases your chances of hiring the talent you desire.

Sourcing will be easy

The arrival of Social media has not only replaced social networking but now even taken over, the way Recruiters Source for candidates to meet their hiring rates. It is pretty evident that majority of individuals be it job seekers of simply catching up with old friends are now available on social networking sites. That being said, it is only natural that Recruiting will be conducted online due to the huge pool of candidates available that wasn’t the case earlier.

Firms will eventually have to create their own Talent Pipe Lines

With the cut throat competition and competitors resorting to poaching your talent, it will eventually come down to you creating and using your own talent pipeline. You will have to settle for candidates within your talent pool and look for ways to give your selected candidates a reason to pick you over another great opportunity.

Campus Recruiting to be improved

A shortage of talent in the market might result in firms being forced to recruit freshgraduates and the best way to achieve the maximum number of hires is through Campus Recruiting.If Campus Recruiting is to be a success one must first improve or modify the way they conduct such sessions keeping in mind the changing trends. They must also be in touch with these students to be able to conduct a session that caters to their needs to achieve a maximum response, else risk losing talented recruits.
Well now that you have an idea as to the scenario and what to expect, it’s probably wise to create back up plans that you can be sure will work. That way it limits the chances of the plan not working affecting your performance. Otherwise you can always enrol for a Talent Sourcing Training. If you have some more points to add, you can mention them in our comments section and we’ll be glad to include them in our next post.