The Recruiting field has never been the same since the arrival of Social Media in all its glory. As a result Recruiting has evolved to accommodate the changing trends. Almost everyone these days is on multiple Social Network sites.  Knowing which social media will be best is just as important for Recruiting. Most individuals are active on popular sites like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest and Instagram. These sites would serve you best for Recruiting Talent.

With such a large database of potential applicants available including the features that these sites have integrated into their sites, the recruiting process has been simplified for recruiters. Thus a recruiter’s performance has improved, making it effective and efficient. If you’re wondering, “How to Recruit with the Top Five Social Media Platforms?” then you’re in the right place. So let’s begin with the most basic ones.


No matter how you look at it it’s still the biggest social network out there with over 1.3 Billion registered users and growing. It’s been positioning itself as the place to search for people, grow your business and market goods and services. So here’s how it can be used for recruiting?

You can start by creating a company page and ask people to “Like” it. Once they do that, they will start to receive your job ads and updates on their timeline. As your network grows organically, you can then pay to extend your reach to new audiences. The statistics suggest that paid Facebook pages rank higher than unpaid ones. This will in turn boost your search engine ranking and assist the content be picked up by aggregates.


Second in line to Facebook is none other than the microblogging giant Twitter. With its feature like broadcasts called Tweets it gives you the flexibility to use 140 characters to assist the visibility of the posted content. The best thing about Twitter is that anyone from anywhere can view your posts and that too at any time. With Twitter you can even schedule your tweets to be posted at different intervals with the assurance that your post will be viewed at different intervals as well.

Another useful feature is that of hashtags (#jobs, #hiring). This simple feature helps viewers to search, identify, view and follow your posts, which in return keeps your users wanting to know more about you and your activities. In short you keep them glued to the activities and also generate an interest where none exists.


Unlike the above mentioned social networking sites LinkedIn is geared towards professional users and has more than 250 million users. LinkedIn also has an account devoted to Recruiters alone. This feature gives them access to their entire database of users comprising of different fields and supports Boolean Search Strings. Recruiters can avail of these benefits or features and a lot more just under one umbrella, how great is this?


I guess by now I’ve covered this site enough in previous articles so do I need to spell it out for you? Well just in case; does this ring a bell? It’s a site meant for creative individuals, so majority of the individuals you will get will probably fall within the same group. If you’re looking for more information on this subject you can visit the blogs on Pinterest.


Similar to Pinterest is Instagram but of course with more features that can complete your Recruiter needs. Sharing pictures never get old and it is just as effective as simple text. Just like both Twitter and Pinterest one can share pictures of their workplace. Both Twitter and Instagram have the video feature inbuilt and even share the hashtag feature.  Here too you can post job specs like on Pinterest and is a great marketing and branding tool that will add to your candidate experience. Apart from this users can portray and highlight their skills as a graphic designer, user experience, videographers and web developers.

So stop reading and start using else you stand to lose a lot by wasting more time reading, when you can be out there  collecting your profit by using these sites to its full potential, before anyone else catches on and steals your profits besides you can always take a Recruitment Training Program to be efficient.