For an organisation to be successful and to boost its growth, it is essential to hire the right talent and at the right time. The task of recruiting candidates that meet the organisations requirement is time consuming but if done appropriately, can yield outstanding results. In view of this, it is absolutely essential for the Recruiting department to have an active approach.

Implementing an active approach is the first step to gathering the talent you are effortlessly searching for, so how to recruit the best culture fit candidate? Here’s how…

Transform company values into behaviours

Make sure you analyse the values of the company thoroughly, this will give you a clear idea into the kind of candidates you will require. Once you’ve completed this process than you need to use this information to map out the behaviour that a candidate should have in order to be a culture fit candidate. For instance if you are looking for team players then your hires should be individuals that are open to staying after log out time to help their colleagues.

Communicate these findings with your Managerial Staff

Make sure your managers know about these findings and also update them on the kind of behaviour and actions you expect from candidates. This will ensure that they can evaluate whether the candidate is a right culture fit for the organisations work environment. If they focus on such aspects they are bound to be able to identify the candidate that they are seeking out on first impressions or latter encounters with candidates.

Utilise behaviour – based Interview questions

A common procedure followed by most recruiters is that they focus a lot on conducting interviews the traditional way.  Be that as it may, they are also of the opinion that, it is the only way to prevent ineffective hiring and to ensure that they hire the right talent. In such a scenario, conducting behaviour – based interview questions is preferable.  Instead of asking the applicant specific questions that are closed ended, ask them open ended ones that are more practical. This will give you a clear idea as to how the candidate deals with different situations on the whole. For example, you can ask, “Tell me about an instance where you were required to be really flexible,” or “Can you share an experience where you were able to build rapport quickly with someone in a stressful situation?”

Let the applicant know the values that your organisation follows

When interviewing candidates, you need to make sure that the applicant knows and realises the kind of work environment they are getting into. This can be done by ensuring that you highlight the company culture through your company’s online presence on social media by posting images, videos, blogs, commenting on other posts and your own etc. and on the company’s official website. This is essential as most of the branding these days is done through online means.

Well there you have all the information you need to identify and select such candidates. So what are you waiting for, why not implement them and watch your company grow due to hiring the right candidates. To end on a positive note, here’s something to get you thinking, “Equip yourself with as much data as you can, then acknowledge that the hiring decision will still be subjective.”  – Dan Jessup What’s your method of identifying a culture fit candidate?