Most Recruiters, while they have all the right resources to assist them in their performance, they still have the most trouble when it comes to hiring candidates for the job. This is a common occurrence that most recruiters face. When it comes to deciding whether the applicant is the right fit for the job, that’s where the trouble arises.

Judging whether the candidate is the right one for the job can be a tedious task for recruiters unlike other job profiles. The job demands patients and a lot of analyses when hiring individuals that best suit the role. Therefore, here are 9 questions that the best candidate will ask you in an interview.


Job Details

If one is to be considered successful what’s the most important goal a person in this role needs to accomplish?

If a candidate asks this question they are trying to figure out what exactly is expected from them. In addition to this they also want to find out the scope, the importance and the resources available to them.

Skills used

How the skills they bring to the job will be used?

A smart candidate will want to know how the skills they possess will be used on the job. It is a given that you need to be able to answer this question if you are a recruiter or an employer. If not, then it reflects badly on you as it tells the candidate that you, yourself haven’t defined the job well.

Reason for the vacancy

Why is there a vacancy for this post?

The right candidate will want to know why there is a vacancy for this post. The idea behind it, relatively simple, they just want to know if there is an inherent problem with the post of if it is something new that has recently started.

Reason for the previous individual leaving

Why did the previous individual in this role leave?

This is a tricky question, but one that needs to be answered with caution. Due to the questions nature, it is actually a test for the employer. So make sure you have a good answer as this will either get the candidate on board or will serve as their bases for rejecting your offer.

Performance Measured

How will the performance be measured?

Only a smart applicant will want an answer to this question. This is an important one; hence you need to be very specific in answering this one. The answer you give will set the right expectations in the applicants mind. Thus the candidate gets a fair idea about what is expected from them. This enables them to make the right decision.

The Organisation Chart

Can you go through the organisation chart?

When a candidate asks this question, they want to find out who all are on the team and with whom will they be working with. These individuals will also want to meet the team they will be either working with or inheriting. This is just to meet and recognise the kind of people they will be working with so that they can decide what they need to do on their part.

Managers Vision and Role for the department

What is the manager’s vision and role for the department?  

A candidate will definitely ask the manager about his vision and role for the department. This question is purposely asked to identify the hiring manager’s capabilities, aspirations and the potential of the open job.

The Manager’s leadership style

What is the leadership style that the manager uses?

Candidates usually ask whether the manager is controlling, a coach or a planner because they want to know what to expect and if they will be able to keep up and meet the demands of their manager. This gives them an insight into the kind of person they will be working with and if they can cope with the managers demands. So that they can make an informed decision, whether to join or now, as they now have a rough idea of the work life and expectations.

Work Culture Like

What is the work culture like?

A question like this is mainly asked to get a clear understanding about how the work culture is, if there are activities conducted on a regular bases and what kind of activities. This gives them a clear idea of whether they can work in an environment like this and if not then they can use that as a reason to not take your offer.

So if you are a recruiter you very well make sure that you have answers to the tricky questions and watch out for these questions during interviews. This will definitely help you to recognise the best candidate for the job and you are less likely to hire someone who may meet the criteria but on the job they may not meet your expectations. So what are you waiting for, go ahead and pay attention to the questions your interviewee’s may ask, the next time you conduct an interview.