When it comes to sourcing for candidate’s recruiters have the toughest time catching those hard to get candidates and would really do with a hand. Well as an answer to their requirements; recruiters can avail the benefit of sourcing tools available for this very purpose.

But how do you decide which tool to choose that will meet all your requirement needs? Is the question that’s quite popular among recruiters, when your have so many circulating around the internet. Of these several sourcing tools that are available, few have proved to be most effective as far as my knowledge goes. So here are, “Handy Sourcing Tools for Recruiters” that has been selected and listed out for you as a way of simplifying your search…


Well as a recruiter, how often have you wished that you had just a little more information about a lead so that you can close them?  Most professionals in the field feel the same way. In that case Prophet by HiringSolved is the perfect tool that can assist you in achieving you’re objective. This particular tool is a Chrome extension and you’ll be able to uncover verified contact details like emails and phone numbers of profiles from any social network site which limits the number of fake entries you receive while sourcing.


This is a sourcing platform that is used mainly to scout for software engineers. Recruiters and sourcers alike can search through a targeted engineering database that is ranked on the bases of contributions to the community, existing network size and other aspects. So if you’re looking for that just right for the job Software Engineer than make sure you use Sourcing.io.


As an employer you are bound to be hiring exclusively for vacancies that crop up in your organisation, especially if you’re a start – up company. How would you like to fill different types of positions at one go? Well if you’re wondering how that’s going to be possible then HireArt is your solution. It gives you suitable candidates for positions like Marketing, Sales, Business Development and Customer Services and Operations. This tool gives you a list of qualified candidates through online testing and video interviews after listing out your requirements.


Entelo is another great tool to capture candidates with relevant work experience from different online sources all in one place to ease the selection process. Apart from this you can also track the activities surrounding the passive candidates that you’ve targeted.  Now isn’t that neat!


Another interesting and a pretty useful tool is TalentBin by Monster. This incredible yet handy tool is in actuality a talent search engine that enables companies to pull up details of all relevant candidates in one profile. It lets you sync or push profiles to your ATS or Recruiting platform that you may have. In addition, you can also use the TalentBin search Function from within your recruiting platform.

So there you have it; all the necessary information that you’ll need to make an informed decision when picking the right tool to meet all your requirements and boost your hiring process. If I’ve missed any information or other tools that have helped you speed up the process, be sure to mention them in our comments section. Hey there, don’t go just yet; what’s your handy tool?