Have you ever missed an opportunity to buy something that is exclusive and limited simply because you weren’t aware of its release. Or come across a website that didn’t have an RSS feed.  Have you at times wondered whether there was a better way to be alerted of the things you’d like to get your hands on?

Well you’ll be surprised to learn that there is a way you can receive all your alerts in time so you never have to miss out on the release of the products you’d like to have and view the information you’re waiting to learn about with browser page monitoring tools you aren’t aware off!

Keeping in mind of the browser you use, we’ve listed out the browser page monitoring tools in an effort to minimise your search.

Google Chrome Browser

Page Monitor

Page Monitor is first and foremost a Google Chrome browser add on, so stating the obvious you need to install Google Chrome to be able to access Page Monitor. It is the perfect extension to Google Chrome through which you can monitor multiple pages that you’d like to keep tabs on, for changes, updates or new releases that too without you personally having to visit those sites regularly. Here’s how you use it…

  • After installing “Page Monitor”
  • Go to the page you’d like to “monitor”
  • Click on the “Page Monitor icon”
  • Select the option “Monitor This Page”
  • Once you’ve done all of this you’re ready!
  • Now whenever there are any updates, the “Page Monitor” will display the notifications in the “badge”
  • Follow the “same procedure” to monitor “multiple pages”

Refresh Monkey

Another tool for a Google Chrome browser that can suit your monitoring needs. The Refresh Monkey add on, automatically refreshes the page that you want to monitor and in the process alerts you, if there are any changes.  You can manually set the refresh page interval according to your requirements. Here’s how it works…

  • Click the “Refresh Monkey icon” in the browser
  • Set the “refresh intervals”
  • Click on the option “Monitor this page”


Mozilla Firefox Browser

Check for Change (C4C)

Along similar lines as Page Monitor is the simple Mozilla Firefox plug in Check for Change. The Mozilla Firefox extension lets you periodically monitor the sites you’d like to be updated on. Unlike Google Chrome’s Page Monitor, C4C enables you to select a relevant part of a web page and even set a checking time interval for instance every 1 minute. Here’s how to use it…

  • Select the part of the web page you’d like “monitored”
  • Right click on the “Context Menu”
  • Choose the “time interval”
  • A “Tab icon” will be displayed
  • The Tab icon will indicate that this page is “being monitored”

Update Scanner

A Mozilla Firefox plug in called Update Scanner is another handy tool if you’d like to be alerted with updates or changes to your favourite web pages that don’t all provide Atoms or RSS feeds about their updates. It can be used to monitor multiple sites it’s not automatic but provides a way to list out the websites you like to track in a side bar format. Here’s how you use it…

  • Install the “Mozilla Firefox add on”
  • Manually click the “button” i.e. inside the interface
  • By default it will open when you “start your browser for the first time”
  • Set the “time intervals” by selecting the “options menu”
  • You will be alerted via pop ups
  • It will display old and new versions of the webpage side by side

Multiple Browsers

Distill Web Monitor

Although it’s basically a Mozilla Firefox browser extension formally known as “Alert Box”, the updated version is called Distill Web Monitor. Due to the updates to Distill Web Monitor, you can also use it to monitor websites you’re interested in, in other browsers too such as Mozilla Firefox of course, Google Chrome and Opera Extension including a Web app and you can also set the time intervals you’d like it to monitor for. Here’s how you can use it…

  • Click on the “Distill Web monitor icon”
  • Select the option “Go to Watch list”
  • “Open” the webpage you want to monitor
  • Select “Select Elements to watch” or “Watch page” from the Watch list icon & Save your Selections

All of these tools can alert you in the form of pop-up, audio, emails and SMS as per you choice and if available with the browser extensions. If you have any view to add or tools to suggest do let us know via the comments section. So tell me which browser page monitoring tool, do you use?