There are several aspects to consider where attracting the right Candidates is concerned especially since the advent of Social Media. We know for sure that recruiting the right fit isn’t as easy as it is made out to be. And to a large extent we know how important your individual online profile is. But how about the Company website and it’s branding? What role do these aspects play in the Recruiting field? Can these aspects have any relevance what so ever?
To answer these questions you first need to find out what are the aspects a potential applicant looks for when applying to the vacancy. Some of these aspects are the interest level, if interested they will visit the company’s website to know more about the company and its reputation. If its reputation and the opportunity are good then they will analyse it further before joining the company. This is where the Companies branding and reputation comes into picture. If you are looking for an easier way to scout candidates then a Recruitment Certification Program will be helpful along with these 5 ways to win more applicants.

Website & Branding

When potential candidates visit the website in either of the scenarios mentioned earlier that’s when the Company’s website and its branding comes into play and becomes relevant. If the Company’s reputation is good and the website is up to date with the necessary information you have a better chance of attracting more candidates. This will also affect the candidate’sdecision to join your company.

Career Tab

On several occasions the career tab has neither been updated with the vacancies nor has it been appealing to Candidates. With the changing times it is important to ensure that the layout meets current standards. This attracts candidates and also reduces your task as a recruiter because instead of you seeking out candidates they come to you.Additionally, job seekers tend to visit the website directly to check for the kind and type of vacancies that are available to them.

Online Presence

Apart from your website being up to date even your presence on Social Media sites like Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn needs to be updated from time to time. Here too the entire appearance needs to be furnished and in keeping with the changing trends. It affects the banding of the company apart from this you also need to monitorit to ensure that people have a positive approach towards your company.In addition information about the work culture too has a bearing upon the applicants wanting to join a company.

Job Descriptions

When creating job posts you need to be creative, crisp and clear. If the posts are not brief and to the point the job seeker will lose interest in the profile. Also long job descriptions are over looked as they compromise on quality in the process.Such job posts aren’t effective in recruiting desired candidates, they are more of a put off.


Even though they aren’t considered as a tool for Sourcing Talent they too can be used to improve the branding of the company. Blogs written about events conducted or blogs by employees create a positive attitude in potential Recruits when viewed. In such cases more individuals are likely to apply for the vacancy.
All of these aspects together improve the Company’s reputation and become a topic of discussion within social gatherings. This in turn results in more candidates being aware of the company,making them more likely to join a reputed company such as yours. So let’s give these aspects a trial and watch our applications soar. If you liked this write up then 2 Tricks to Boost your Sourcing Process would be a great read.