In a technology driven world where every aspect in life requires the use of technology and the success depends greatly on the approach of the Sourcers and Recruiters while gathering talented candidates.  Apart from that even the tools, strategies and techniques used are all dependent upon the nature of either parties approach.

Most often than not the strategy used is generally a Reactive approach which may not be as effective with a Proactive Approach. So here are 5 ways to create a proactive approach…

Ensure that you develop a positive reputation online

You can create a positive reputation online if you have positive opinions from your working staff. The more positive opinions you gather from your employees the better your chances are at gaining a positive reputation in the market and in your online presence.

Engage and drive your audience towards your community

Driving audience to your community is simple; all you have to do is, when posting anything for instance images, videos, links, blogs etc.

  • Remember to ask the viewers to join your community
  • Drop a question to the audience within your posts
  • Create tiny links to you career page when posing job specs by using freely available software like bitly or tinyurl when posting
  • Comment on posts by others and leave one yourself
  • Participate in group discussion forums and interact
  • Build connections by joining and create groups with individuals having similar interests and profiles
  • Create pole surveys
  • Use Gif images
  • When posting photographs, include an activity such as story telling with funny inputs
  • Come up with new and interesting ways to keep your audience hooked
  • Constantly keep your audience engaged and ask them to participate by posting fun activities along with your posts or comments and lots more

In simple terms you need to be active on social media sites, if you hope to achieve the desired results.

Build and grow your sourcing Program

In order to build and grow your sourcing program, you need to be active on Social Media sites. There are two ways to do this one is by individually and proactively being present at social gatherings and communicating with people and creating online connections through social networking sites like Facebook, Twitter, Google+ or LinkedIn and by joining and creating groups with similar interests and profiles.

Frequently survey your internal teams

What’s the use of having internal teams and not monitoring whether it is perfectly functioning, all your efforts would have gone in vain if the team is not functioning optimally. Therefore it is essential that you monitor the activity of your internal teams.

Follow your competitors on popular sites

In order to get talent that competitors are looking for, you can follow your competitors through their online presence. Once you’ve done that you can then find out which sites they use for their hiring needs and tap in to those. This way you too will have access to top talent that every competitor is after and hire the talent you require to boost the company’s growth.

If you implement a proactive approach to hiring into your hiring strategy, you can be sure that the company’s growth will improve. To succeed, and surpass your competitors you need to, “The comfort zone is the great enemy to creativity; moving beyond it necessitates intuition, which in turn configures new perspectives and conquers fears.”  – Dan Stevens

So what’s your successful proactive approach? Do let us know in the comments section.