In the field of Talent Acquisition you can never have enough of Social Media products because the products are designed mainly to assist users and improve their experience. In view of this, Social networking sites are constantly developing new tools, add-ons and plug-ins for its users.
If monitoring activity seems like an impossible task then you’ll be glad to know that there are tools that can simplify your task.Well here is another set of 5 Twitter products that will boost Talent Sourcing.

Twitter lists

This feature of Twitter is a very handy tool especially if you want to gather information about your connections. Apart from receiving information about your connections it also lets you view their timeline. When you click on their timeline a list of all similarconnections is displayed for your reference. This helps you to build your connections which in turn results in lead generation when required.


Helps you to search using URLs, hashtags, username and phrases, apart from this you can even analyse the results you get and make modifications if required to enhance your results about all the activity. In addition you also get an in debt report about the metrics for the tweets posted. All of this when combined together gives you information on all the aspects that you need to focus on to achieve good results.

Twitter Analytics

This tool is the best to use as all the information that you require to enhance your activity and results is covered by Twitter Analytics and that too in an organized and clear manner. This view gives you information about all the aspects in one window which you can then use to enhance your tweets, retweets and monitor all the activity in an efficient manner.


It is the perfect tool that helps you to monitor and track all your Twitter Activity just under one platform. With this tool you get detailed and visual analytics on anyone’s tweets, retweets, replies, mentions and hashtags. You can browse, search, filter and get insights on people you follow and those who follow you. You can have a backup or export tweets, retweets, mentions and reports to excel and PDF in just 1 click. You can even get and export Search Analytics on any keywords, #hashtags, URL or @users. Find out those you follow but don’t follow you back and lots more.


This tool helps you to analyse your Twitter connections especially the number of mentions and retweets you receive and the users that you are most engaged with. Apart from this you can also monitor and analyse any Twitter users with the insights you receive. Besides you can even analyse keywords and hashtags on Twitter and form any device.

All of these tools have been designed with the objective of reducing the task of Talent acquisitionist’s. These tools assisttheir search as it helps them to monitorpotential Recruits Active on social networking sites with the right calibreand similarly with Passive Candidates. They also serve the purpose of forming professional connections to build your networkas a Recruiter or a Sourcer. If you’re seeking out better ways to Headhunt Passive Candidates then one way is with a Talent Sourcing Training such as SourcePRO.