Attracting the right candidates and seeking out the most wanted candidates the organisations are hunting for, can be time consuming. If one is to meet their hiring percentage, it’s obvious that they have to speed up the process. Meaning that Recruiters and Sourcers need to move faster, so what are the 5 significant ways to recruiting effectively. This is the question that comes to the fore and here’s how you can achieve this, so let’s begin with the basics as these aspects are more vital for the success of Sourcing.

Sell yourself effectively

Most organisation whether start – ups, small, mid – sized and big organisations; usually overlook the most basic aspect that they are familiar with but apply it only where Marketing and Sales of their products is concerned. They forget that the same concepts also apply to building your banding efforts. Without effective branding, all your efforts of marketing and sales of your products and the organisation reputation are also affected in a great deal. If not delegated and performed effectively it will result in insufficient candidate applications.

Employees work for companies not for jobs

There is a misconception that employees work for jobs rather than for companies. If you are looking to seek talented candidates you need to give them something to look forward to. In a job spec make sure you highlight unique opportunities that the candidate will have if they join your organisation. Also ensure that you promote what’s great about your organisation, the managers, the opportunities, the work environment and aspects related.

Get your employees to give you fanatical referrers

If you’re top talent and performers enjoy their work and like the office environment they will have lots of positive aspects to discuss in their social gatherings. They are also motivated to give you references for the vacancies available. Apart from this, the outstanding staffs are also likely to know candidates that are outstanding performers like them. So you’ll definitely, be able to get talented candidates.

Get creative

Another aspect where recruiters miss out on catching talented candidates is by not being creative. Even though recruiters are quite busy they need to spare some time in getting updated with the current trends. The current way or recruiting is by using Infographics, Jobgrams, photographs, videos, Gamifications etc. are creative ways to attract talent. They may take time but the end result is quite effective. When you try to do something out of the ordinary and unique it gives an opportunity to stand out. Besides let’s face it, people want variety, so doing something new might win you talented candidates.

Socialise effectively

Social networking whether done the old way or the new way isn’t effective without socialising back. You can be present on any or multiple channels but if you’re not engaging, meeting, talking to, questioning, posting, commenting and answering people then your sourcing strategy will have little impact on fulfilling your hiring needs.

Once you focus on all of these aspects and implement them in your Sourcing strategy, you have a higher chance of attracting the right candidates. Therefore, remember to, “Be willing to step outside your comfort zone once in a while; take the risks in life that seem worth taking. The ride might not be as predictable if you’d just planted your feet and stayed put, but it will be a heck of a lot more interesting.” – Dward Whitacre, JrDo you have any other points to add?