Twitting once fun is now also a race against time to achieve maximum visibility, but by the time your Tweet is in the public eye your efforts would have gone unnoticed. This is because there are about 300 million monthly active users on Twitter and counting all competing to get their tweets visible.
Any Tweets posted by this time would be lost along with the rest. In order to ensure that your Tweets are viewed in the public eye you first need to identify few of the 5 reasons why your Tweets are not Read.I’m sure that you’re probably doing at least one of these things.

Having a Poor profile

One of the reasons why your Tweets might not be viewed is if you have an incomplete profile i.e. an egg for your profile pic, have a generic user name. Improper or incomplete details i.e. no website, no location, no keywords, no hashtags, no header and no background image. More importantly to brand yourself you need to have some information about you and make sure it is optimised.

Tweet timings or frequency are incorrect

You’reeither tweeting quite frequently or the time you tweet isn’t right. To ensure you get maximum response you need to plan your strategy accordingly. So if you’re a small company building a reputation you can start by Tweeting 2 to 3 times but for a large company about 6 to 12 tweets should be perfect.

Visual Aids are not used

We know how effective are visual aids so if you’re not using them then you need to start implementing them into your tweets as far as possible to get them viewed. With visual aids you’ll find that people will be more inclined to Click, Like, Retweet.

Engaging your audience

You need to engage your viewers if you aren’t already doing that Engagement is the key to success whether you’re a small firm, midsized or large firm looking to get noticed and build a reputation. You can have poles, fun images to be captioned, share readymade comics or create your own, share inspirational content or quotes and create gif images. All of these aspects if paid attention to can help a great deal.

Hashtag Usage

While using #tags is great you might be over using them so if your tweets have a lot of #tags that could be why you aren’t receiving the desired results. If you’re using more than 3 #tags you might want to reduce them to about 1 to 3 #tags. This will improve your visibility to a great extent. You can always use different #tags for multiple tweets.
The key take a ways are have a complete profile together with a proper profile image with required resolution, details about you with optimised content including #tags. Stick to tweeting either 2 to 3 times if a small firm or 6 to 12 times if a large firm. Use a lot of visual aids like media, images etc. Keep your audience engaged at all times and use maximum 3 #tags and don’t exceed them.
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