The task of a Recruiter never ends after a successful hire and a Sourcer’s task is never ending.This is because there are always new positions opening. Considering the latest developments in the Recruitment industry it is absolutely essential that they keep up with the changing trends. Hence in an effort to assist and help you add to your knowledge here’s something for you, “5 Effective Recruitment Sourcing Strategies” that they might be interested in. So make sure you…

Search all Resumes

If you’re a Recruiter or a Sourceryou probably have a rough idea about this. As a Recruiter you need to check all the resumes you get even the ones that are a month old. Many users of resume databases,whether online or internal focus on the ones posted or entered within the last 30 days. Remember that you don’t know anyone until you establish contact.

Aren’t a Sourcing Snob

Irrespective of popular opinion job boards are flooding with plenty of “A” Candidates. So, it will be worth your while to take a look at the databases of popular job portals. As you have an equal chance to source Candidates on these sites as on Social Media. Therefore it is essential that you even look at these sites apart from relying on Social Media alone.

Don’t submit the first 2 – 3 Candidates you speak or find

Most Recruiters might be wondering why that is the case so to speak, as they usually need to select potential Candidatesthat can be interviewed to proceed further in the hiring procedure. Besides, Recruiting isn’t supposed to be done on the FIFO (First In, First Out) basis or on the LIFO (Last In, First Out)basis but rather on the BIFO (Best In, First Out)basis.

Continue to improve you Sourcing skills

Well you also need to be up to date with the changing trends and you need to be willing to learn and update your knowledge and skills if you wish to be a good Sourcer. This will in turn improve your own performance and efficiency with which you complete your tasks.

Spend most of your time in ineffective ways of Sourcing

Well if you are only relying on either one or the other ways of Sourcing you’re not going to make much progress because every individual uses different methods of job hunting. Therefore what works for one may not always work for the other.Hence as a Recruiter or Sourcer you need to use all Social Media Channels if you are to gather a good list of selected individuals.

Thus it is essential to make use of both traditional as well as modern techniques of Sourcing as well as referrals to capture those hard to get Candidates. These are the ones most of us are searching effortlessly and hoping and wishing simultaneously that they walk in for interviews. This is the story of most Recruiting and Sourcing professionals alike. For this reason and to improve your quality of hires, Recruiting professionals need to exploit all resources available to gather suitable Candidates.