There is only so much of creativity to be displayed in standard questions like what was the last book you read? Or where do you see yourself in 5 years? But when you’re interacting with people you need to be creative.  People are always on the look – out for something new and creativity holds the key to innovation.

Creativity can be showcased in almost all aspects of Talent Sourcing and combined with two  tricks to boost the Talent Sourcing process you are sure to make a good hire. Sure; that’s great but why settle for a good hire when you can get an exceptional one?  To get exceptional hires you need creativity even in your Q & A session, surprised right? So was I, when I first found out (Lou Adler).

If you thought it was impossible, I’m here to tell you that it is possible. How? Now you can; with the 2 Secrets to Making Exceptional Hires. If you’re speechless that’s alright too; because, the secret lies in the interview questions.

There are 2 secrets to filtering main questions that every Recruiter asks a candidate during an interview irrespective of the field the candidate is applying for.  So just what are these questions we are referring to? To find out, read on…

Question 1: Ask about the candidates Major Accomplishments

Sounds quite ordinary doesn’t it? But what you don’t know is that this particular question is to be repeatedly asked at different intervals during the Personal Interview Stage. Here’s why…

  • To have a clear and complete understanding of the person’s major successes at every position held.
  • The trend seen in the performance and the growth of the mentioned accomplishments over time will be a strong indicator of their ability and potential.

Question 2: Ask the problem solving question without fail

Also something that we do but are we doing it correctly and if it is effective does it really count? All of these questions are important and need answers. The sure way to do this is by asking the applicant how he / she would solve a real job – related problem. The question isn’t important but rather the answer and more importantly the process they use. Here’s why…

  • The best people will have the ability to visualise the solution to the problem before they even begin implementing it.

Tip: Remember that unlike the previous question this one is to be asked once and only once. If you follow this you’ll get the answer to all the questions arising mentioned earlier.

It’s that simple, who knew? Meaning we’ve used it so often but yet we fail to realise that we’ve probably been going about it incorrectly the whole time. Now doesn’t that answer the puzzling question; why aren’t we able to make an exceptional hire? Well there’s another way to speed up the process of recruiting the right fit candidate and i.e. with a Recruitment Certification Program that can assist you in your Sourcing strategy to find the Purple Squirrel.