TalentX MasterClass
Level up your talent acquisition game!

Bring the X-factor in your talent branding, outreach & mapping.

Date: 17th June 2023 | Venue: Pune | Time: 10 AM TO 5 PM

Price : ₹9999 ( Lunch & Refreshment included)

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TalentX MasterClass
Level up your talent acquisition game!

Bring the X-factor in your talent branding, outreach & mapping

Date: 17th June 2023 | Venue: Pune | Time: 10 AM to 5 PM

Price : ₹9999 ( Lunch & Refreshment included)

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Bring the X-factor in your talent branding, outreach & mapping.

The last few years have seen unprecedented disruptions in when, where, how, and even why we work. We have seen great resignations to quiet quitting, but the demand for top talent and great recruiters will never change. So how would you differentiate yourself?

We need to be prepared for today and tomorrow on how changing market conditions will impact workforce planning and what we can do to evolve the strategy to attract and retain the best Talent!

SourcePro brings a unique MasterClass – three engaging and hands-on sessions to help you up your TA game!

Agenda – 17th June 2023

Session-1: Building an Attractive Employer & Talent Brand Pitch

Trainer: Sarang Brahme

Time: 10 AM to 12 PM

Employer & Talent branding may seem like very high-level concepts for recruiters to leverage in a day to day recruitment. We bring an applied version of employer branding & recruitment marketing that you can use in the everyday talent acquisition process. Let’s learn the art of branding beyond just sharing job postings & occasional LinkedIn posts.

If recruitment is like sales, perfecting your pitch about the organization & role is the first critical success to getting candidates. In this session, we will learn about building a personalized pitch about your product (role, org) to your candidates to differentiate your opportunity. Learn about leveraging your business USPs, culture & values, and target talent persona to build a solid pitch influences your candidates to explore.

And lastly – let’s talk about measuring the outcome of your employer’s branding efforts. Ultimately, that’s what your business is interested in beyond all the buzz.

“Sone pe Suhaga” – we will do this in a very interactive and practical way. We will do live exercises, crowdsource new ideas & write our pitches in the workshop. So don’t forget to bring in your creativity, hunger to learn new things, and enthusiasm!

  • What is employer/talent branding for recruiters?
  • Building a personalized talent & employer brand pitch
  • Practical exercises
  • Measuring the outcome

Coffee Break – 12 PM to 12:15 PM

Session-2: Becoming a Talent Magnet and build your Talent Pool

Trainer: Mitcch Duddani

Time: 12:15 PM to 2:15 PM

In todays’ competitive world we are often challenged to attract and retain the best talent, everyone is reaching out to the same set of Talent pools. As talent acquisition experts we require a combination of skills and strategies to be future ready.

Have you ever wondered ? – How do we carve our niche and build a brand to attract the Talent? What are different ways to increase our Talent pool? What are others doing? or Is there any best practice?

This session will focus on how can we connect to right talent, engage and bring them to our organization, key tips, strategies and action points to be a Talent Magnet

  • How do you carve your niche and attract Talent?
  • Look at different ways to increase your talent pool
  • Practical examples and tools

Lunch Break- 2:15 PM to 3 PM

Session-3: Bringing Smart-Talent Intelligence to Life

Trainer: Yusuf Pathan

Time: 3 PM to 5 PM

The session begins with an introduction to talent intelligence, which uses data and insights to inform talent acquisition and management strategies. You will learn about the various sources of talent intelligence, such as candidate data, recruitment metrics, and external market data.

The session will then explore the importance of using rich, intelligent insights in hiring decisions. You will learn how to leverage talent intelligence to identify top candidates, predict performance, and reduce bias in the hiring process.

The session will also cover tools for automation that can be used to streamline the recruitment process and improve the efficiency of hiring teams. The session will feature practical exercises to apply the concepts and tools discussed. For example, participants may be asked to analyze recruitment metrics to identify improvement areas or use talent intelligence to create a targeted recruitment marketing campaign.

Overall, this session will provide a thorough understanding of talent intelligence and its importance in hiring decisions. You will leave the session equipped with practical skills and tools that they can immediately apply in their organizations to make smarter, data-driven hiring decisions.

  • Understand Talent Intelligence
  • Make smart hiring decisions with rich and intelligent insights
  • Tools for Automation
  • Practical exercises

Be ready for hands-on experiments, implementations & hustle! This will be a never-before learning experience to bring out the X-factor

Are you ready?

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