With the internet; recruiting has moved on to the online platform where Social Media is utilised on a large scale to seek out talented candidates. As a start – up organisation then effective branding is essential, in order to recruit top talent.

For a start – up; recruiting top talent is absolutely essential, if a business is to be successful. With that being said here are 5 ways to recruit top talent that can definitely assist you in your search for talent.

Focus more on Networking rather than Headhunting

Almost 40 % of the recruits in small, mid – sized or big companies prefer to hire through networking. Most often they rely on employee referral programs instead. In order to receive a good response from your staff it is absolutely essential that you…

  • Not only portray but also provide a good working environment
  • This will automatically encourage them to come forward and produce references that you can contact to fill vacant positions
  • Utilise Applicant Tracking System (ATS’) created
  • Use software that easily integrates with sites like Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn and other similar sites

Know how to deal with fierce competition

When it comes to hiring talent; it’s obvious that you’re going to face some set – backs because every organisation is seeking out the same individuals as you. It’s even worse knowing that your competitors are looking for those same candidates. In a scenario where talent is hard to come by, that creates issues where even poaching is prevalent. Therefore, it is important that you deal with such complications in an appropriate manner. Here’s something to get you started, by going that extra miles…

  • Sign and send a Birthday Card to a candidate that will join in the near future
  • Become friendly with competitors, to prevent being badmouthed
  • If you find a candidate that doesn’t work for you, refer them to another organisation or a competitor to build your company’s reputation as an ally

When advertising lower the salary

If you quote a lower salary then you have a higher chance of receiving applications that you’re looking for as most candidates look at the package before applying for the job. Ensure that you quote a realistic package else you risk losing out on talented candidates in the process.

Let the Candidate Out shine you

An interview, creates a perfect setting wherein the candidates have the opportunity to showcase their skills, impress you and give you vital information about what their capabilities are, their accomplishments and the responsibilities that they have manages and in what kind of circumstances. You should also make sure to hire candidates that are better than you, as these are the candidates that you need to hire, to improve your company’s growth. Therefore, “Never hire someone who knows less than you do, about what he’s hired to do.” – Malcolm Fobes

Speed up the Process

It is a vital component where recruiting is concerned. In order to speed up the process it is preferable to schedule mass interviews for a Saturday or a Sunday as all your managers will have a clear mind and can give their full attention to the hiring process. This way your chances are better to recruit the right candidates.

If you focus on all these aspects then you have a better chance of recruiting top talent; thus improving the growth of the company. But remember to, “Equip yourself with as much data as you can, then acknowledge that the hiring decision will still be subjective.”  – Dan Jessup So what are your ways of recruiting top talent?